Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Craftiest Time of Year

{I could use a scissors this size!}

Just noticed that I haven't posted anything much on my blog lately ~ I'll just have to blame it all on being so busy making things for craft shows and the holidays. While it has been rather busy & there have been many late nights, it has been fun ~ crocheting, felting, sewing, cutting, gluing & assembling ~ making scarves, brooches, Dandy Dog Accessories and more.

As my house is my studio, it tends to look a bit like this as far as stuff all over the place, although I have a sweatshop of one rather than four workers. By the end of the day, I most likely resemble the woman on the far left.

Once finished with the making, it is time to gather together and package to sell. I wish I had an outfit and could box my items up like these gals! (Make sure to click on the photos above for their sources.)

{scarves, earrings & bracelets displayed using antique dress forms}

Instead, I usually have a table or two to fill ~ definitely easier on the back and certainly beats selling door to door! While the photos aren't the best, hopefully they give an adequate idea of what the show was like. This year I filled one of my tables with vintage items ~ I usually only have one table and sell only hand made items.

{crocheted and felted brooches on antique thread display}

{vignette of vintage tins, wicker hamper and Adler's box}

{Remains of the Day brooches ~ made from vintage buttons and soda tabs}

{Dandy Dog Accessories ~ felted flowers for dog's collars}

{wool wrapped bangles}

I love using my antique displays when setting up for a show ~ one of my favorite pieces is the thread display I use for my brooches ~ it actually folds up like an accordion, so it is very easy to transport and doesn't take up alot of space. If you were not able to come to the shows, check out my vintage etsy shop or my handmade etsy shop ~ I will be adding more items throughout the week.

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