Monday, September 24, 2012

A horse is a horse, of course

It has already been more than a week since the Old Summit Country Antique Show, so before too much more time passes, I thought I'd better post my photos.  As usual, when reviewing the photos I took at the show, I had inadvertently gathered a collection ~ this time, horses.  Kind of strange since I don't know much about horses and don't even know how to ride. Even so, the horse pull toys caught my eye along with the antique game board.


Each of the horses above were for sale in a different antique dealers booth ~ interesting that they are all so similar.  The bodies of the horses are wool felt with added embellishments ~ I love the dappled grey spotted horse, although they all have their own personality.

Stop by tomorrow as I will have more photos to share from the show ~ too many for one post!

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