Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Afternoon at an Antique Mall

{wonderful vintage thread display}

Most years when we travel to Walnut, Iowa for the annual AMVETS Antique Show, we usually stop in at the Enchanted Frog in Lathrop, MO to break up the trip a little ~ plus, who can knowingly drive by an antique mall and NOT stop?!

While the photos above aren't the greatest as they were taken through a glass cabinet, there was a large collection of Iroquois beaded pieces ~ pincushions, picture frames and even moccasins. As I have a small collection of this type of beadwork, I have found out that these were made by Indians to be sold at places like Niagara Falls as a souvenir. While I see these now and then, it isn't often I see so many at once!

I am always attracted to the graphics of the past as well ~ on this visit, it seemed like there were peacock motifs everywhere ~ above are two of the nicer examples. The color and design of the honey tin was also appealing ~ being a designer, I appreciate the time and effort that went into creating the beautiful packaging.

Despite its tattered appearance ~ or because of its tattered appearance, I really loved this Robin Brand candy label ~ the color was beautiful and it had just the right amount of dilapidation to appeal to me. I would guess that the candy label is from somewhere in the late 1800's to early 1900's ~ an era whose graphics are always so beautiful. But, I am also attracted to the more streamlined graphics popular during the 20's through the 40's as shown below on a powder box.

Another thing I always keep an eye out for are antique or vintage tools that I can use for various art projects. Not only can you sometimes find a great deal on a great quality tool, but many of these aren't even made any more. Below is a set of rubber stamps designed to be used for pricing in a store. These were fairly priced, but more than I wanted to pay ~ I thought the shape/format of the stamps was unusual though ~ rubber stamps are usually not mounted in this manner.

{vintage rubber stamps for making price tags}

{lovely pressed and perforated tin match safe with mirror}

{ancient (still accurate) barometer with great graphics}

As we found out later in the day, the barometer actually was still in working order ~ there was change ahead, but it was just a light rain this year, no tornado!

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Beth Leintz said...

Love the graphics on that barometer!