Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sprocket is 4 Today!

Today is Sprocket's 4th Birthday, so despite the fact that we are on a tight time and money budget, we could not pass the day without some sort of celebration. Since Mr. Speck seemed to enjoy his Burger King party a couple years ago, that is where we headed again - after all, you do get those free birthday crowns!

Have to say, while everything including the crowns fit nicely in the box, the crowns just don't seem as special now that they are yellow instead of metallic gold ~ they seemed much more regal then. Either way, Sprocket is not really very fond of having to wear the crown anyway. Mr. Speck just outright refused ~ he has figured out that he will be getting the treats anyway, so why humiliate himself? Both the boys need haircuts terribly ~ some might mistake them for sheepdogs at this point ~ they have their grooming appointment next week, so they will be back to their handsome selves soon.

Well, the party was a success after all! Sprocket is a big Burger King fan ~ I think he would have eaten the free toy if I had given it to him. So, Happy Birthday Sprocket and Grrdy (his sister) too!

{Yum, that was tasty ~ I don't even mind wearing the crown!}

Hopefully next year we will be back to our usual grandiose dinner party ~ after all, 5 years is a milestone birthday, so we better make it special ~ we'll aim for a scenario similar to that shown below ~ except no ducks or cats (or birds, squirrels or opossums).

{image from here}


Brook said...

Our female Westie, Sprockett, will be four on August 11th. :) Your Sprocket is quite handsome!

Julie said...

Wow, another Sprocket/Sprockett! Do you pronounce it Sprockette? Happy Birthday to your Sprockett too! I love terriers!