Friday, March 23, 2012

Highlights from Roller Mills

As I haven't posted many antiques lately, I thought I would play a little catch up and share some images from a while back. As my parents live in Lewisburg, PA, whenever I visit them, a trip to Roller Mills Antique Center is always on the agenda as well. This time I only got a few photos as I was told they do not allow photography anymore ~ too bad, as I always think it is great free advertising for the mall and the dealers ~ maybe they will change their policy if visitors mention they saw mention on a blog!

This was a really amazing watchmakers cabinet ~ unfortunately it was in a glass case, so the photo is not so great, but I think you can still get the idea. This was also the last photo I took before I was told no photos, so I didn't get more than the one view ~ darn!

The above two images are of a freestanding Victorian Eastlake style book shelf ~ it would hold a ton of books in a relatively small area. Each shelf rotated as well, so you would be able to turn them as desired to pick the book of your choice. I think it was pretty reasonably priced, so I would have liked to get it, but getting it from Pennsylvania to Missouri would have been a problem.

As we entered the antique center, this wonderful water cooler was in the first booth ~ I guess it was really made for whatever muscadine punch is, but it would be a great piece to serve any sort of beverage in. I wonder if it was a store display for that specific drink ~ I've just never heard of that brand before.

I also spotted these beaded Christmas ornaments ~ they were also in a glass case, so again, apologies for the poor quality photo. At least the price tags (while they don't make my photo look good) were easily visible ~ it frustrates me to no end when you cannot see the tags or price of items when they are in a locked case and you have to go get an attendant to open the case. Unfortunately, more and more antique malls are using cases ~ most likely because of theft ~ a shame.

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