Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Amidst my big career life change, other things in my life have been changing as well. As I have had some trouble with my lower back and sciatica this year, my physical therapist recommended working a 30-45 minute walk into my schedule every day. That had been very difficult or impossible to squeeze in with a demanding day job, but now that I am scheduling my own time, the walk is on my "to do" list every day.

I spend my walks taking in things I used to just hurry past without even noticing or sometimes just thinking about projects I want to work on ~ it is sort of meditative for me. One week I saw this beautiful lichen covered twig, so I picked it up for color inspiration along with the plain twig as I liked its shape. I decided the rest of the week I would find one thing to bring home that inspired me while on my walk, so now I have a little collection of found treasures ~ or some might say junk, but for me I found beauty in these simple objects!

Another week I took my camera with me and took photos of interesting textures and color combinations I thought were unusual ~ as it is winter, while it seems bleak and monochromatic at first glance, the color is there, it is just more subtle.

It is nice for a change to be able to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures in your life, so if you can manage it, squeeze a walk or jog in and look around ~ you'll be surprised at what you notice ~ and the walk itself will do you good too!

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