Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Uninvited Guest

Looks like we now have another guest along with Stumpy ~ Scurvy's cousin, Rickets. Considering my home is within city limits, it always surprises me when this sort of wildlife is living within 20 feet of my back door. It does look as if Rickets has taken up residence in the hollow tree, so that is a huge improvement over Scurvy's bad manners ~ he was the guest that wouldn't take a hint.

I doubt either Mr. Speck or Sprocket will allow Rickets in the back door, so I have no worries about that. As you can see, Sprocket has also noticed Rickets, but so far has not figured out how he is going to get an invitation to tea. I'm not sure Rickets is the tea throwing party kind of guy (at least I hope he's a he!) ~ looks like he is giving me the stink eye. Ah, life in the city!

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