Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration ~ Tramp Art

Happened upon some lovely pieces of tramp art over at Candler Arts. Every now and then I see tramp art at various antique shows or stores, but it isn't something I run into very often ~ and it is usually on the expensive side.

Long ago I bought a made in Thailand large wood cabinet for my dining room with the thought of making it unique by adding my own version of tramp art decoration ~ needless to say, the project is not complete ~ or even started! I did finish a practice piece ~ a small tramp art star shaped ornament. No picture to share, but I did gain even greater respect and admiration for the folk artists that created this type of work. I wish I could hire a tramp to come and finish off my cabinet!

{beautifully decorated sewing box ~ love this!}

I don't know if this last piece would actually be considered tramp art, although it does look like some of the details are similar to some tramp art techniques I have seen. The description states that it is a handmade squirrel coffin from Shamokin, PA ~ wondering if the man that made it had a pet squirrel?

All images from Candler Arts
Candler Arts blog here.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

This was an amazing art...I have a few small examples and love their unique forms and history. Love these that you have photographed.

Julie said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for visiting - glad you like the tramp art! I believe that most of these I've shown are for sale - click on the links in the posting to get to the site, in case you want to add to your collection. These are actually photos from Candler Arts - not my own! Wish they were mine!

Frank Zweegers said...

Beautiful craftwork.