Monday, August 15, 2011

Crochet Artist ~ Jung-jung

While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came upon this delicate crochet work created by Japanese artist, Jung-jung. Jung-jung's work is just beautiful ~ intricately crafted in gorgeous subtle hues. I wonder if she hand dyes her threads as the colors are so unusual and muted? Gives one a new appreciation of the root and cruciferous vegetable!

I'm not sure if the graphic above is a pattern, but whether or not it is, it is a beautiful graphic anyway. All images shown are from here.


Lynn Taylor said...


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I'm completely taken with these lovely creations. Such imaginations. I have a piece about textile arts and the ocean as well as decorating a city. Let me know if you're interested.

I was wondering how you came up with the name "bricolage"?

Julie said...

Lynn & Rebecca, Thanks for visiting - love it when others enjoy the same things I do!

Rebecca, do you have a link to your pieces? As for the name bricolage, see here:

I figured "inspiration at hand" would loosely cover just about anything I decided to post about!