Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spoils from the Schlepp Sisters Sale

Thought I would share with you a few shots of the treasures I came home with from the Schlepp Sisters Sale last weekend. As you will see, I made especially good use of one of the items already ~ an ancient bound book of sheet music ~ it is in terrible shape, but that makes it easy to utilize the pages in all sorts of ways.

Spotted this inexpensive onyx and brass brooch and couldn't resist ~ I just love the floral and mesh patterned border. The stone is loose, so repairing it will be another project to add to my "to do" list ~ at least it should be a quickie!

{mini collection of vintage buckles}

{beautiful black and cream transferware plate ~ another great prop for photos!}

{Old favorites to add to my collection ~ Hull & McCoy matte white pottery}

{spine of the "bound" sheet music book}

I was so surprised to find this book of sheet music since I had arrived at the sale late in the day ~ I cannot believe that no one else snapped it up ~ lucky me! While it is in rough shape ~ there are water stains, all sorts of foxing, and it is basically falling apart ~ this was the perfect state for me! The condition made it affordable and all of its imperfections will make for interesting backgrounds for styling photos or utilizing in artwork. So, guess what?! Another project for the "to do" list ~ this won't be a quickie as there are at least 100 pages (printed front and back) to scan ~ but, once scanned, will be a great resource for my personal library of images!

{great water damaged page and illustrated cover}

{samples of some of the beautiful typography in the book}

{lovely foxed page of music}

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Curious Sofa said...

Thanks for the mention Julie. Your eye is impeccable! You always find the most graphically, beautiful things and your Pinterest boards are to die for!