Sunday, July 17, 2011

Schlepp Sisters Sale

This weekend the Schlepp Sisters held their first antique event here in Kansas City ~ as Debbie Dusenberry (proprietor of Curious Sofa) was organizing the show, I knew it would be a show not to miss. Unfortunately, the show opened Thursday at 11:00am, so because of the day job, I didn't get there until 6:30pm! Even so, I still found some great treasures (will share in a later post)!

Since I arrived at the show so late on Thursday, I had to make a second trip back on Saturday so that I could take some photos to share with you. As you can see, there were still a nice variety of pieces to choose from ~ lucky I got there early on Saturday as it was 25% off and everything was flying off the shelves. Visit here for additional photos.

Above are a nice group of good advice prints ~ I think these were lithograph originals, but it was hard to tell. They would look great all together on a wall! Below, a good variety of record books ~ from Sunday school attendance record book to business ledgers ~ I always keep an eye out for these especially if they are early. The older they are the better the handwriting inside!

{pretty handmade little wooden wall plaques}

One of my favorite vignettes at the show was the display of old and decrepit cigar boxes and miniature liquor bottles in a glassless wooden cabinet. The graphics on the cigar boxes always attracts my eye, but I have never noticed miniature liquor bottles before ~ the combination of the two really caught my attention. This would be great in the "man room" if I had one!

As the Schlepp Sisters Antique Event was a group show, there was a good variety of antiques, vintage items, fabrics & trims, and vintage clothing & shoes ~ reflecting the taste and style of the 4 different dealers. Below are a few images from the colorful room:

{pretty silk embroidered piece}

{redwork pieces ~ love the naive quality of the deer!}

{pair of embroidered pillows ~ loved the use of the motif in the pillow design}

{small sample of the vintage shoes}

Already looking forward to the next Schlepp Sisters event! Keep tuned for a post on my finds from the show ~ coming soon!

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