Wednesday, June 8, 2011

American Folk Art Museum ~ Part 1

When in NYC, a visit to the American Folk Art Museum should definitely be on your list! This was my first visit to this museum ~ while it isn't huge, it is several floors and the exhibits covered many different art forms carefully curated and beautifully displayed. While eating lunch in the small cafe at the museum, we heard that it will be closing at its current location as the Museum of Modern Art has purchased the building. Hopefully the Folk Art Museum will be able to reopen somewhere else ~ in the meantime, if you get the chance, stop in ~ you won't be disappointed! View more of the museum's collection here.

{loved this stylish man!}

Here is a small selection of the variety of figures the museum has in its collection: carved wood, sculpted clay, mosaics of glass, and metal are some of the materials used.

{what an imposing group of relatives}

{this weather vane was huge!}

Below is a small selection of some of the objects on display ~ these were some of my favorites:

{a hand made and illustrated pillow}

{amazing crown of thorns tramp art building}

{fabulous display of tin objects: top hat, glasses, candelabra, bonnet, & fan}

{brightly colored brushwork on this tole ware pot}

{lovely stencil design and color on metal piece}


{cute little painted dog ~ I love the expression on his face!}

I took many photos on this visit, so I thought I would post them in installments ~ Part 2 coming soon!

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