Monday, March 28, 2011

Antiques & Alpacas

{ancient embroidered silk lampshade~ beautiful needlework and colors}

Had fun this weekend going to the KC Antiques & Collectibles market and the MOPACA Alpaca Show ~ I managed to spend the entire day at these shows! Got up and out of the house early (for me!) and hit the antique show first ~ it was a combo show and included the KC Toy & Doll show as well as the regular antiques and collectibles. Here are a few items I saw at the show I thought were worth sharing.

{great advertising sign for Nehi soda ~ the peeling paint was an added bonus}

{A set of Creepy Crawlers complete with heating unit and the metal molds!}

I had a Fun Flowers set ~ I made dozens of plastic flowers! I think we also had Incredible Edibles ~ those were bug shaped molds that came with edible goop. These days one can't find anything remotely this fun on the market ~ how on earth did those of us survive this sort of toy? Somehow, despite the plastic fumes, the lead filled molds and the molten plastic, I managed to live to tell about it! So did this guy.

{Beautiful baby book cover}

{Wiggles, a funny little dog ~ a book from the 30's about a runaway scottish terrier}

{great graphics on these tin toy tanks with rubber treads}

{saucy little tin duck}

After the antique show, I headed to the Alpaca Show which was held at the American Royal ~ where oddly enough, years ago, the antique show used to be held. Depending on the weekend, sometimes the smell of manure would waft through the air as you were shopping for treasures ~ just part of the ambiance.

Since I like to knit and crochet, I am familiar with alpaca yarn, but didn't know much about the animals the fiber comes from, so this seemed a perfect opportunity! Alpacas are part of the camel family and look like a small llama, although alpacas are less aggressive than llamas. There are two types of alpacas: suris (their hair looks kind of like dreadlocks or a puli dog) and huacayas (their hair is fuller and fuzzier). The alpaca farmers and breeders that I talked to were very friendly and shared all sorts of information ~ alpacas live about 20 years, a female alpaca will usually have one cria (baby), and their hair comes in 16 natural colors. While their hair is soft and wonderful to touch, most alpacas don't seem to like being touched. Here are some photos from the show:

{two suri alpacas}

{three huacaya alpacas}

{this little guy won a ribbon}

{ears up, ears down!}

{two beautiful skeins of alpaca yarn ~ a souvenir from the show!}

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