Monday, September 27, 2010

So long, Summer ~ til next year!

{caprese salad}

Good bye to summer ~ and my favorite summer delicacies. No more caprese salads with fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil, and no more corn on the cob ~ until next year!

The boys also feel a bit nostalgic about summer treats ~ the cicadas are gone as well... Every summer evening around 9:00 the scots get mighty restless and demand to go out so they can rustle up a crunchy snack. I don't know what it is about cicadas that they find so tasty, but they go to great effort to find them ~ Speck is especially fond of them and will do whatever he can to snatch them away from Sprocket. Apparently, it isn't that unusual for dogs and cats to find cicadas tasty ~ if they eat too many though, they can get blocked digestive tracts ~ read more details here.

Can't say I am sad to see the cicadas go ~ they aren't anywhere on my list of favorite summer snacks!

{mmm, mmm, just ripe for the picking!}

{Speck has his eye on an extra crispy cicada}

{Sprocket is busy rustling up a cicada in the potted urn ~ it is the first place he checks}

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Julie Loeschke said...

My pug finds grasshoppers extra tasty!:D