Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Summit Antique Show Highlights

{charming display of personalized items}

It has been awhile since I have posted some shots from an antique show I have attended ~ for that matter it has been longer than I realized since my last posting ~ time has just gotten away from me! It isn't that I haven't been going on my weekend antiquing trips, it is just that I have gotten lazy with preparing the photos ~ sooner or later I will get around to it, but maybe things won't end up being in chronological order ~ oh well, will that really matter?

{This would have been a great shot if I had moved that giant tag!}

Last weekend was the Old Summit Antique Show at John Knox Village ~ it is one of my favorite shows in the area ~ great antique dealers and lots of interesting and unique items to look at. The lighting in the auditorium is always a challenge when taking photos ~ I usually end up with quite a few duds, but that is what Photoshop is for!

As usual, as I sorted through the images I liked, I have ended up with a few themes: displays/vignettes that I admired, great graphics, alphabet items, and then just a couple of interesting things. So, in addition to those above, below are some more lovely vignettes I spotted at the show . . . .

{section of piano keys used as a backdrop}

{Sumptuously spooky settee}

Then there are always all the graphics to notice at these shows ~ it's a good thing I have a camera so that I can take all of them with me ~ I'd be in some serious trouble (not only would I be on Hoarders, but I would be in debt as well) if I bought all of the stuff I love! I don't even like black licorice, but if this box were sold with it, I would buy lots!

{amazing cast iron stove grill}

{Uncle Wiggily, not Uncle Wiggly as I had thought}

{box of vintage flash cards ~ some with silhouettes}

Alphabet items are also something I am always drawn to ~ this puzzle was kind of weird as the diecut pieces are an alphabet, but they don't seem to have any relationship to the image the puzzle makes. I also wondered why it is a "Victory" puzzle - perhaps it helped support the British troops?

{my favorite ~ just love this little tin alphabet plate!}

{sweet little beaded birds on a pincushion}

{hand stitched felt placemat ~ love the simplicity of this piece}

{can never resist anything with drawers or compartments ~ this would be great in a kitchen!}

{quirky price tag holder}

{whimseys ~ both big and small}

{Cool silver globe pieces ~ wish I had asked what they were used for}

Yikes, it is 1am ~ where did the night go?! Tomorrow morning I am planning on getting up early to go to Antiques on the Common ~ another fun antiques show held under tents out in the country ~ can't wait! I'm sure I will have some great things to share with you from this show too! Happy Weekend to all!


Mitzi Curi said...

I love each of the items you have pictured in this post, and the tin alphabet plate is my favorite as well! Those are very hard to find, especially with paint still adhered. Thanks for such an inspiring post....I want to run out today and shop for antiques!!!

Penelope said...

Oh that alphabet plate!! I quite fancy the flash cards too (one of the foxes!) and the licorice ad.

Julie said...

I had a SECOND chance at that plate this weekend ~ when I was looking at the photo I was wondering why I didn't buy it ~ well, it was $95, so there is my answer! Will just have to enjoy the photo! I'll share the flash cards I ended up getting in another post - glad there are no shows to tempt me today - I have work to get done at home.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Michelle said...

LOL @ you being on hoarders. My father in law thinks we will have to sleep in the camper if I bring anything else home.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Fabulous photos...I'm sure I would have taken notice of all the same things! Love that old grate and the alphabet plate in blue, of course!