Monday, August 23, 2010

Curious Sofa Halloween Art Show

I know it is August so it may seem a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but if you are a retailer, Halloween is in full swing! So, this Thursday night from 5 - 8 is the opening for Curious Sofa's annual Halloween art show ~ Halloween Masquerade. Go here for more information about the show and the participating artists. If you are in the Kansas City area Thursday night or over the weekend, make sure to stop by ~ this show and the store is always a treat!


Denise Chevalier said...

Julie, love the devil dog horns. Either you have a REALLY calm dog-model or they are designed to feel light and NATURAL!! How do they stay on?

Julie said...

Hi Denise! Yes, they are rather light, they are crocheted and then felted wool. A flat elastic band is sewn through the base, then tied under the chin. Because the horns are flat on the bottom, they will stay in place as long as the elastic is snug.

Both my dogs put up with them for a little while, before trying to paw them off - they are not calm dogs! We took Sprocket to the opening as my spokesmodel - he was a big hit and actually wore the horns the entire time - I think with all the excitement he forgot he was wearing them!
He was quite the handsome devil!

Robin said...

Hey julie-sorry I missed the show! Good to see you tonight! Where are the vacation photos??? XOXO-Robin

Julie said...

Touche' Robin! I will get on those photos - or at least SOMETHING in the next day or two!