Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scottish Scrapper Makes Headlines Again!

Only a week after being featured on Scottish Terrier & Dog News ~ Sprocket (aka The Scottish Scrapper or The White Tornado) is making headlines again! After a short, but speedy run in the backyard, Sprocket returned with a mysterious bloody gash under his left eye. After a trip to the neighborhood vet, he returned to his home with some medications and a staple under his eye. No comment has been made regarding the cause of the injury.

According to Speck (Sprocket's older black coated sibling), "That dog has been getting into trouble since day 1! He will do anything to get attention!"


Steve Haskamp said...

Poor little guy. He is so adorable! That's cool that he was featured in a magazine.

Julie said...

Actually, Scottish Terrier & Dog News is a blog that I follow - Sprocket has yet to make it on any sort of magazine - you never know though! I have hopes of getting him on David Letterman when we can get him to "crow" on command - we aren't having much luck though.

Mitzi Curi said...

Adorable dog! Terriers are very scrappy, aren't they?

secretleaves said...

Oh man, poor pup!

Elizabeth said...

Poor Sprocket!!!
Do hope he is doing a lot better.
I suppose this all springs from being an energetic young pup.
Glad you enjoy Buster's blog!
We will keep in touch.