Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marvelous Machinery & Manliness

{Wonderful collection of vintage price tags and holders beautifully displayed}

This weekend D & I decided to take Saturday and hit the Bottoms Up Antique Show, Good JuJu and then a few antique malls ~ afterall, we haven't been out treasure hunting for weeks!!! It didn't take us too long to spot some great items, so I took a bunch of photos of many of the things I admired, but couldn't take home with me. Turns out that the great majority of items I was attracted to seem to have a more masculine, officey feel ~ now I wish I had purchased most of it as it all looks so good together! Never fear, I did end up with a group of objects that satisfied my weekend addiction AND we scored a Bradley Stencil Machine!

{Streamlined Noiseless typewriter ~ manufactured in Middletown, CT ~ my birthplace!}

{Loved this retro phone}

{time cards and holder}

{stripped cash boxes}

{McCaskey Register files}

{Expandable metal table base ~ I think these are used with gurneys, but not sure}

{Who would think a sewer lid would make a good table?}

Our Find of the Day ~ a Bradley Stencil Machine! Thanks to Beth for giving us a demonstration ~ if not for her, we probably would have walked right by. Instead, now D has a nice bday present AND a new project to work on!

The top photos are some I found here when I did a search to find out more information about the stencil machine. The bottom photo is a closeup of the machine we got ~ as you can see, it will require alot of elbow grease to clean it up. We are also planning on repurposing an old iron sewing machine base to replace the base that is missing. The machine is in good working condition though, so no matter what, it will be fun to see what we can utilize it for! Any ideas??

2 comments: said...

Any idea what these machines are valued at? I just found one with the stand but very little info is available on it so far.

ideas: I found a company that is printing T shirts using this stencil. The letter styling is really cool!

Julie said...

I think the value will be determined based on the condition - i.e.. if it is in excellent condition, perhaps some sort of museum would be interested. If the condition is just so-so, perhaps someone would be interested in order to use the machine - that is why I bought the one I have. The antique dealer sold the stand separately. If I remember correctly, I paid around $85 for the machine. I'd love to see a photo of the one you have found!