Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sneak Peek ~ Friends of a Feather Sale

Tomorrow is the big show ~ Friends of a Feather! Don't miss it!

So of course tonight will be a late night for all of us participating! With the majority of goods unloaded and displayed tonight, many of us plan to arrive early to do some last minute tweaking. As for me, I still have a few last minute things I want to finish up tonight at home, so I left several others finishing up in the tent around 9:00. On my way out I shot a few photos ~ thanks to Photoshop, it doesn't look quite as dark as it actually was.

Below are a few photos of what I have for sale ~ this is my first stab at a show where I am selling vintage items in addition to some handmade pieces(crocheted brooches and earrings). I am finding it pretty hard to part with my stash of stuff ~ after all, I think I may be the world's worst hoarder! I only got a few shots of my wares as it was too dark in some parts of the tent to get a good photo. I will post more tomorrow when the sun is out (crossing my fingers!) and will hopefully have better photos. See more photos at the Friends of a Feather blog. Hope to see you sometime this weekend ~ stop and say hi!

{a lovely cake safe that I bought many years ago ~ love the painted finish and its imperfections ~ I think it would make a great little side table in a garden room or a covered porch}

{the vintage metal time card holders are mine ~ I allowed myself to buy another one recently, but with the understanding that I must sell the other two ~ it is the only way I am tricking myself into selling anything!}

{My boyfriend's Car Snac ~ it's the plaid container in the front ~ fits over the back of a bench style car seat ~ if you find one intact it will have two thermoses as well. We thought it would be great for maps or a couple of wine bottles and snacks for a light picnic.}

{the laundry basket (NFS) I bought just for display! and a collection of cigar boxes(4 sale)}


me said...

Hi Julie-- looks like it will be a lovely day!
best of luck in your mission to part with things. Jim and I BOTH have the same issue!!!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry I missed seeing you today! It was a great show!

Marie Reed said...

Boy! What beutifu things! I wish that I could make it.. I live in France:) I fell randomly on your blog but had to comment because I'm a Reed too:)

Lorraine said...

Julie, this looks like a great show! Would love to live close by but since this is not the case, your photos are wonderful!