Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Shopping in Sparks with Sprocket the Scottie!

{splendor in the grass ~ along with some fleas I'm sure}

This past weekend Sprocket, now a year old, took his second shopping trip to the Sparks Flea Market ~ in case you missed his first trip, you can read about it here. Ever the discriminating shopper, Sprocket spied many items he liked, but decided to save his pennies for a spring grooming instead. Being a Scottish terrier, Sprocket is partial to plaids and is quite frugal ~ he wasted no time scouring the grounds for stray kettle korn and pork rinds ~ yummy!

{no use for an empty tin ~ even if it is a lovely plaid}

{no need for hosiery with summer on the way}

{already the ideal dog ~ no need for a guide}

{Sprocket is glad he is not a poodle}

{ a good reminder to be thrifty ~ his owner should take heed}


M.Lane said...

Sprocket is so adorable! Great post and thanks for giving us another photo of him!


Steve Haskamp said...

Sprocket loves antiques too! Looks like the show was really good.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Love that dog...cute!