Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Old Finds

Since I've been thinking about books lately, I thought I would share a few of the old books I have gotten in the last several months ~ I am always picking up crumbling and decrepit books ~ for some reason I love all the things that probably make them worthless ~ foxing, tattered bindings, yellowed pages, etc... Usually when the books are in this kind of shape I don't end up paying much either ~ an added bonus! I also pick these up for the graphics inside ~ the first two readers included some wonderful alphabets in addition to a nice variety of black and white illustrations. I got these books from oldohiofarmfinds ~ I found their site via sparrowsalvage just because I liked those little tins ~ it is amazing how much trouble I can get myself even if I don't leave the house!

I love the back cover on the one book ~ there are 4 different ways to count listed for each illustration ~ including roman numerals! Below, counting with your fingers and a beautiful ornamental alphabet along with coordinating illustrations.

Here, another set of readers for children ~ in German. The title, loosely translated is The Child's Friend ~ New Stories for the Youth. These are little paperback books printed in Germany ~ no date that I can find. I got these at the Sparks Flea Market this year because I thought the covers were so beautiful.

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secretleaves said...

OK, these are fan-freaking-tabulous. Like you, the more moldy, tattered, dog-eared and brittle they are, the better I like them. The alphabet book her is extra-special/