Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Curses! Monday was not a good day ~ got rearended on the way to work. Luckily, I walked away with just soreness in my back/neck & shoulders. Got to spend a good amount of time getting to know some insurance people, police etc...... Also, found another use for duct tape ~ it is certainly convenient that it comes in a coordinating silver color!

{my poor little car ~ in for repairs today!}


Uncle Beefy said...

Well, Julie, at least it was on a Monday. I mean, what a GREAT way to start the week! ;) UGH! Hope you're feelin' okay. (And that they have insurance.)

Steve Haskamp said...

Wow. At least you are ok. Crazy KC drivers! Take care of yourself and I hope you get your car back soon.

Gina Martin said...

poor little didn't deserve that!