Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Frenchie's April in Paris #3

Well, I have finally gone through all of my photos from the Miss Frenchie show and have selected the best of the bunch to share with you ~ I was not able to get a good shot of every vendor's booth, but I got a nice variety. So, without further ado ~ eye candy!

{collaged art from Secret Leaves}

{Elizabeth Maxson ~ Elizabeth House}

{Beth Leintz}

{Karla Nathan}

{Lesa Dailey ~ Sweetpeace}

{French By Design}

{Gregory Johnson}


{Friends of a Feather}

{Donnie Volkart}


Jackie said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! What a beautiful post - such great pictures! Looks like a wonderful event!! Thanks for sharing it!

The Potting Shed said...

Really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us who weren't there! xo Joan said...

You sure provided a good over selection of pictures! There were a lot of booths I missed.

Wasn't it special???