Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bits & Pieces

As it is cold and miserable outside, I have been hanging around inside on the weekends ~ spending much of my time trying to organize all of the stuff I have managed to collect over the years ~ it is quite an overwhelming job! I can't wait for some nice days with good light so that I can get some decent photos to share with you. For now, I am going through my iphoto files and have found some interesting bits and pieces from a few of the antique shows I have hit in the last few months.

{a whole boxload of embroidered monograms!}

{loved this grouping of jewelry moulds/plaster casts}

{appealing display of architectural details}

{repurposed architectural fragment ~ bag organizer}

{handstitched sampler collection}

{neat little bits and bobs from Beth's booth}

{another inviting corner of Beth's booth ~ she had some great stuff!}


Shawna Stobaugh said...

There were some beauties in this post. I loved the jewelry molds as well. What a wonderful way to capture something's look without ruined it. Great finds Julie!


Learning Spanish at 41 said...

It's a veritable detail overload--nice!!

Unknown said...

These inspired displays make me want to run back to my local flea market and pick up the basket of game tiles I've been watching for weeks!

Thanks for the push!