Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The story of my dog, Buttons

This is the story of Buttons ~ the scottish terrier our family had when I was 2. The memories I have of Buttons are probably based on images I have seen in my mom's photo albums, as I was a bit young to remember much from my second year. According to family legend, Buttons was quite a feisty little dog ~ he used to jump into my father's newspaper as he was reading the daily news and he also bit into the toaster cord and got a bad shock. Apparently, I was not Buttons' best friend ~ although I am told I enjoyed playing with him ~ I also used him to bring attention to myself. In my defense, I was competing with my newborn brother, so I guess I was desperate.

{cigarette card from my personal collection}

As the story goes, my mom was elsewhere in the house ~ perhaps cooking dinner or tending to the meddlesome newborn ~ my dad was watching me and Buttons in the living room while he relaxed and read the newspaper. I might add that my dad has amazing powers of concentration ~ he can block out just about anything if he so chooses! Apparently, I decided that Buttons would be a good footstool ~ Buttons was not agreeable to that idea so he let me know it. My mom heard all the commotion and came to find my dad still reading the paper ~ oblivious to the whole incident ~ and me sitting on the floor crying and bleeding from a bite to my head. Poor Buttons, I don't know where he was, but it really wasn't his fault!

After that incident, my parents decided they ought to find a safer home for Buttons ~ it must have been hard for them to give away their dog, but I think they wanted to do what was best for the dog. It was only a matter of time before my younger brother would be running around creating even more havoc than I. Buttons did end up in a home with two other scotties, so I hope he was happier there! I guess I should be glad my parents gave away the dog rather than me!

{first aid cigarette cards from here}

Just an extra note: I have absolutely no scar whatsoever and I hold no malice towards the scottie ~ I have two scotties! My parents also have a scottie now!

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Your poor parents, I know what they went through there. I've spent the last 8 weeks trying to defend puppies from a 2-1/2 year old. Little children can be rough and luckily Buttons was old enough to defend himself, or could have ended up with a broken spine!