Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pennsylvania Countryside Travels

2009 seems to be off to a rather slow start with regards to blogging ~ don't know about you, but I am having a tough time returning to the daily grind ~ maybe the time off was just too much fun!

D & I made the traditional trip back to Pennsylvania to visit with my family ~ since I'm sure no one wants to see a dull showing of family xmas photos, I took a few photos here and there of places we visited instead. Of course, we were on a mission to hit three antique shops/malls and were on a schedule, so the photo time suffered in order to make time for shopping!

On one crisp, cold & very bright day, we set out from Lewisburg, PA and traveled to State College ~ about an hour away ~ our trip took us through some tiny rural towns & villages and beautiful countryside on our way to several antique malls and shops. We shared the roads with numerous horse & buggies as the central Pennsylvania area is home/farm to many Amish and Mennonite families - I would have liked to take more photos, but I felt uncomfortable doing it as I know the Amish and Mennonite people aren't big on photos.

So, a few photos of our day in the Pennsylvania countryside ~ it was relaxing and fun AND we also came away with quite a few treasures which I will post more about as I photograph them.

{winter landscape}

{old fashioned corn shocks}

{beautiful ancient graveyard}

{giant 3D cow at Dairyland in Reedsville, PA}

The last two photos were taken at the Dairyland Antique Mall in Reedsville, PA. We ate lunch at Sal-Lee's Restaurant ~ a country style informal family run establishment with a tasty looking selection of pies. We also visited Big Valley Antique Center ~ a rather large antique mall nearby ~ no photos from there as the exterior wasn't very photogenic ~ inside, the goods made up for the lackluster outside! After lunch we left Reedsville and headed towards State College to our last stop ~ Apple Hill Antiques ~ where I found the find of the day ~ an old encyclopedia filled with engravings ~ here is a copy you can buy on ebay!

Tomorrow, photos from Terrain ~ Anthropologie's garden themed store!


Stacey said...

Thanks for all the tidbits for PA antiques. I've got to make a trip up there soon to find some goodies.
And the book is amazing! What a find...

Steve Haskamp said...

Great photos of the Pennsylvania countryside Julie! Sounds like you had a great time and did some fun antique shopping too.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Funny that my faves in this bunch are the graveyard and the cow! Nice pics and post. :0)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I have TWO of those illustrated encyclopedias. I knew they were cool, but had no idea they were worth so much! Thanks for the tip. Next time I head to PA to shop, I'm picking your brain first!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. We used to travel a lot in PA for all those antiques malls and stores that bumped up from the roads unexpectedly. I miss it so much.

Thanks for sharing.