Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pennsylvania Countryside Travels

2009 seems to be off to a rather slow start with regards to blogging ~ don't know about you, but I am having a tough time returning to the daily grind ~ maybe the time off was just too much fun!

D & I made the traditional trip back to Pennsylvania to visit with my family ~ since I'm sure no one wants to see a dull showing of family xmas photos, I took a few photos here and there of places we visited instead. Of course, we were on a mission to hit three antique shops/malls and were on a schedule, so the photo time suffered in order to make time for shopping!

On one crisp, cold & very bright day, we set out from Lewisburg, PA and traveled to State College ~ about an hour away ~ our trip took us through some tiny rural towns & villages and beautiful countryside on our way to several antique malls and shops. We shared the roads with numerous horse & buggies as the central Pennsylvania area is home/farm to many Amish and Mennonite families - I would have liked to take more photos, but I felt uncomfortable doing it as I know the Amish and Mennonite people aren't big on photos.

So, a few photos of our day in the Pennsylvania countryside ~ it was relaxing and fun AND we also came away with quite a few treasures which I will post more about as I photograph them.

{winter landscape}

{old fashioned corn shocks}

{beautiful ancient graveyard}

{giant 3D cow at Dairyland in Reedsville, PA}

The last two photos were taken at the Dairyland Antique Mall in Reedsville, PA. We ate lunch at Sal-Lee's Restaurant ~ a country style informal family run establishment with a tasty looking selection of pies. We also visited Big Valley Antique Center ~ a rather large antique mall nearby ~ no photos from there as the exterior wasn't very photogenic ~ inside, the goods made up for the lackluster outside! After lunch we left Reedsville and headed towards State College to our last stop ~ Apple Hill Antiques ~ where I found the find of the day ~ an old encyclopedia filled with engravings ~ here is a copy you can buy on ebay!

Tomorrow, photos from Terrain ~ Anthropologie's garden themed store!


Stacey said...

Thanks for all the tidbits for PA antiques. I've got to make a trip up there soon to find some goodies.
And the book is amazing! What a find...

Steve Haskamp said...

Great photos of the Pennsylvania countryside Julie! Sounds like you had a great time and did some fun antique shopping too.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Funny that my faves in this bunch are the graveyard and the cow! Nice pics and post. :0)

vintage sue of VRS said...

Holy Cow! I have TWO of those illustrated encyclopedias. I knew they were cool, but had no idea they were worth so much! Thanks for the tip. Next time I head to PA to shop, I'm picking your brain first!

Lin said...

Very nice blog. We used to travel a lot in PA for all those antiques malls and stores that bumped up from the roads unexpectedly. I miss it so much.

Thanks for sharing.