Monday, January 26, 2009

His & Hers Antiques

A few weekends ago Dick and I decided we needed a junking/antique fix, so we headed to the River Market Antique Mall amidst our Saturday errands ~ of course we spent much more time at the antique mall than we did doing errands ~ a great way to procrastinate!

{River Market Antique Mall in Kansas City, MO}

Needless to say, I use the blog as an excuse to get out and keep up with any and all antique malls, flea markets and antique shows! So, armed with my trusty camera, we set out to explore the three story mall ~ it had actually been several months since my last visit so there were all sorts of things I didn't remember seeing before. Strangely enough, when I got home and looked at the photos I had taken, they sort of naturally fell into either a his or her category ~ I like both of course, but being someone who like things in order, I had to categorize them! At any rate, I think there would be something for everyone at the mall ~ below are some of the things I found interesting for one reason or another.

{HIS ~ Taxidermy trophies}

{HIS ~ beaten up bowling pins}
I guess I was drawn to these as we had recently seen There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis ~ in case you haven't seen it, all I'll say is that there is a creepy bowling scene in that movie.

{HIS ~ Cigar boxes}

{HIS ~ vintage film projectors}

{HIS ~ great graphics ~ I 'm sure the name refers to galoshes}

{HIS & HERS ~ vintage schoolroom cubby organizer}

{HIS ~ oil filter display ~ great for garage organizing}

{HERS ~ vintage dyes & display}

{HIS & HERS ~ apothecary shelves and drawers}
Also notice the cute little tin red and white play appliances ~ in upper right corner of shelves.

{HERS ~ Little Beauty play stove}

{HERS ~ colorful curlers for a girls' coiffure}

{HERS ~ Stepford wife mannequins}

{HIS & HERS ~ Sacred Heart Mary & Jesus}

{HIS & HERS ~ crosses}


English Muse said...

So clever!!!

Anonymous said...

nice article upon antiques.

Katie Runnels said...

Oh, my! I want everything I see! Thank heavens I'm far, far away!! xo