Friday, January 30, 2009


The crocheted card dress I posted about yesterday reminded me of this book I bought about a year ago ~ The Complete Book of Retro Crafts. Many of the finished crafts in the book are rather scary to me ~ probably because I know I made some of them and my mom has them squirreled away somewhere just waiting for me to be famous so she will have some things for the museum in my honor! I actually have a piece (maybe more than one) of macaroni art that I did in art school ~ maybe I will post a photo of them someday.

Below is the cover and a couple of spreads from the book ~ there are quite alot of good ideas and tips for the craftster ~ organizing, collecting & displaying in addition to a whole bunch of nearly forgotten projects. This book will keep you busy for many a rainy day ~ enjoy!

{popsicle sticks, sock monkeys, bottle caps, paint by number ~ a plethora of craft ideas}

{dress up that drab basket purse that is hiding in the back of your closet}

{great ways to recycle paper goods}

{better than that ship in a bottle}

{Quick as a wink crafts and practical leather lacing}

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