Monday, December 8, 2008

Scrapbooks: An American History

While I am waiting for a good sunny day - or at least a day that I get home early enough to shoot my treasures from Miss Frenchie's Holiday Market, I thought I would share what looks to me like an amazing new book!

My boyfriend read about it in the NY Times Book Review(here) and is giving it to me for Christmas ~ yes, he has a tough time finding things he thinks I will like so he decided it would be better to ask and spoil the surprise rather than get me something I wouldn't like. Actually it will still be a surprise as I have only seen a couple of pages and now I am really looking forward to getting the book! Apparently the book is causing quite a stir amongst scrapbookers and the design community!

You can order your own copy here ~ while you are there visiting, make sure to check out the video interview with the author, Jessica Helfand. I'll post a few of my favorite spreads after Christmas, so stay tuned!

Added 1.28.2012: Was doing a search and found a written interview with the author at Vintage Image Craft as well.


Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

I bought it for my mom for Christmas; hope she hasn't bought it yet! XOX

Gina Martin said...

thanks julie...i added it to my amazon wish list. it looks interesting!

you know, in my dad's used book business he's bought old scrapbooks over the years...they were usually in a lot of books he's picked up at estate sales. some were more personal than others, but two i especially remember were started by a woman when she was first married & became pregnant. they centered on her baby showers & then first birthdays. they were full of old cards & letters & newspaper clippings. this was back when my hometown paper published every society party (even a child's first birthday party!) & what was served, who attended & who wore what. some of the letters in the books were from the baby's uncle who was serving in the army in europe during WWII.

the sad thing was that dad contacted the woman who was the baby in these books & she didn't want them because she & her mom had had a falling out years ago. he asked me if i wanted them, but i just couldn't take them. i feel like he should hang onto them just in case she changes her mind. said...

He's a smart guy! How nice to find such a good gift, and to make sure you will like it.