Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss Frenchie's ~ Part 3

More wonderful images from Miss Frenchie's Holiday Market!
The door to the barn where the show was held ~ festooned with simple greenery & pinecones in an antique feed sack ~ looked lovely and smelled good too! Below are photos from Debbie's booth ~ she had a wonderful mix of antique and vintage inspired all exquisitely displayed. As pieces sold and walked out the door, I would see Debbie constantly rearranging things so her area looked beautiful from the start to the finish of the show. Visit her blog to see more photos of the show and stop by Curious Sofa if you are in the Kansas City area ~ if not, you can visit online.

{photos above courtesy Debbie Dusenberry}

Carol Spinski was another of the vendors at Miss Frenchie's ~ she and two partners have a lovely store called Raised In Cotton. I first discovered them this summer at the Crown Center Antique show where I drooled over their booth, met Phyllis Fox(one of Carol's partners) and purchased a gorgeous crocheted bedspread. They also do an amazing job with the display of their wares ~ it is hard to walk away without an armful! Amidst a vast array of antiques and interesting finds, Carol also had lovely papercrafts, jewelry, and decor for the home. Check out Carol's blog for more photos of the show here for more photos of the show.

{photo courtesy Carol Spinski}

Last but not least was Elizabeth Maxson's wonderland of a booth! Elizabeth traveled in for the weekend from St Louis ~ I was just amazed by this woman's energy and talent ~ I don't think she stood still for a single minute! The photos I show below don't do her booth justice, but coincidentally one of my favorite blogs, Cafe Cartolina did a posting on Elizabeth here ~ the photos aren't from this show, but they will give you a better idea of her style. Elizabeth has two great blogs as well: The Adventures of Elizabeth and Elizabeth House Shop Talk Series ~ both interesting reads!

{photo courtesy Carol Spinski}

{my big purchase from the show ~ thanks Elizabeth!}

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