Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hooray for the end of the week!

I can't help but feel happy to see this week end ~ the day job has been extra hectic and I feel pretty exhausted ~ on top of that I can now no longer eat Lean Cuisine flatbreads AND my office/tv/porch room smells! I won't tempt fate by asking how much worse can it get ~ I know it could be much worse!

At any rate, no more Lean Cuisine flatbreads for me! In an effort to be thrifty and efficient with my lunch time I bring my lunch to work a couple times a week ~ I had a nice Costco selection of flatbreads in the freezer, so I decided to eat one of them Monday. I followed all the directions, carefully removing the plastic wrap on what ended up looking like a mini pizza, folding the box so it made that handy box to bake it on, and popped it in the microwave for the allotted time. At the ding of the bell I popped open the microwave door to retrieve my delectable chicken ranch flatbread and what was right in front of my nose?! A dead fly ~ flat on its back, all legs in the air ~ right in front of my lunch on the floor of the microwave ~ UGH! The fly wasn't ON my food, so I figured there really probably wasn't anything wrong with the food, but alas, after a bite or two, I just couldn't get the visual out of my head. No more flatbreads for me thanks to that cursed fly!

{goodbye chicken ranch club flatbread!}

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? I remember a similar result with Ritz crackers when I was a kid. I was snacking on Ritz crackers and peanut butter while watching tv ~ an educational show about gangrene. Needless to say, I couldn't eat Ritz crackers for years ~ I am happy to say they are back on my list of snack foods now ~ a few years later!

Aside from the fly incident, my tv/office porch room smells of death ~ no amount of candles or incense do much ~ even with a bad cold I can still smell the stench. The room is actually a porch converted to a room ~ a space was left between the concrete slab and the subfloor which is where whatever it was (reasonably sure it was an opossum) chose to die ~ just lovely! This has happened once before, but that time at least the smell of death worked out well as we were celebrating D's 50th birthday, so it kind of fit with that getting older theme. One more house project to add to the list ~ hey, that's what weekends are for! Next week has got to be better than this one!
Have a great weekend everybody!

{goodbye mr. opossum)

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