Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lovely Stores ~ Tombees du Camion

{store front and interior}

After visiting the Tombees du Camion website, I feel a desperate need to visit the brick and mortar shop ~ guess I better start planning a trip to France! For now, I will have to console myself with a peek here and there ~ it does look like one could order via email ~ the shop photos lead me to believe there is much more there than on the website ~ maybe they will continue to add more as time goes on ~ I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Look at this great stuff ~ a store of my dreams! I wonder how they can bear to part with it?! I love the way they have displayed the items ~ whether in a type tray or in the wonderful vignettes above. Looks like there is something for everyone! On their site, if you hover over the different objects, a close up appears, along with pricing and information about the object ~ I've shown a few closeups below.

{all images via Tombees du Camion}

As I do not speak or read French, I looked up what Tombees du Camion means ~ all I could come up with was "tombees of the truck" ~ anyone know what "tombees" means?


Stacey said...

What a fabulous shop... Thanks for sharing!

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

I think it means (loose translation) "what fell from the truck"! Those 4 years of HS French come in handy once in a while!

The site looks faboo! XOX

Julie said...

Thanks for the translation vintage sue!!! What a great name for a store!

Uncle Beefy said...

OMG! My Francophile heart just had an attack! Apothecary-style gorgeousness! This is dreamy!

Eccentricities said...

A store like this would make shopping for things to put into my mosaics so easy and fun!!! I wish we had something like this in KC.

Anonymous said...

ACK!! love this!