Friday, September 19, 2008

Antique Show season begins!

Who am I fooling?! ~ for me it is antique season all year round! ~ if there isn't a show, I can usually manage to find an antique shop or mall I haven't been to in awhile in order to get my fix. Really though, there ARE alot of great antique shows during autumn ~ at least there are in the Kansas City area.
Below are some shots from a biannual show at John Knox Village last weekend. The show is not a huge one and it is only one day, but the dealers that participate have great offerings! The lighting at the show isn't great for taking photos ~ or for accurate color ~ I bought some silk thread on spools that I thought was black ~ when I got home and saw it in natural light, it is actually olive!

{who can resist a doll in a bowl?}

{or an attractive grouping of feminine pretties?}

{loved the colors in this quilt}

{missed out on the fabulous crispy(paint) saint ~ already sold!}

{interesting religious paraphernalia}

{antique spectacles and leather cases}

{great tramp art frame}

{decorative graphics}

{wonderful saucy sock doll}

When I get a chance I will be posting some more photos from this show AND some of the things I purchased. For now, I am going to hit the hay so I can get up early and go to Antiques on the Common in Greenwood, MO tomorrow! A good weekend to all!

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