Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kansas City's Antiques & Collectibles Show ~ August 2008

It has been quite a week ~ thus the lull in posting! I did manage to make it to the Kansas City Antiques & Collectibles Show last weekend and it did not disappoint. Below are a few shots of things I saw, but managed to pass up ~ my space situation is such that I can't add much of anything without getting rid of something ~ this especially applies to larger items!

{love these boxes!}

{tin cake keeper in especially good condition}

{wonderful chip carved souvenir}

{great selection of antique lace}

{nice assortment}

{salesman samples of a cookbook and different flours ~ I love those glass containers with the ribbed lids}

{paint sample board and file display ~ what exactly is a 'bastard file'?}

{more vintage display samples}

This show also included the KC Toy & Doll Show. I took a number of photos there ~ I will share them in a later post along with another post about the treasures I bought! Sprocket accompanied me this time around ~ his first big outing amongst a small crowd ~ now, if I can figure a way for him to carry some of my purchases.......
Tomorrow, White Cloud/Sparks!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie, that lace is wonderful!! You go to the best shows ever...xxoo, Dawn

Gina Martin said...

i bet i could make sprocket some saddle bags....wouldn't he be cute???

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Great looking show! And you didn't bring home the bastard file? I was in a furniture store looking at a Louis chair and the saleslady said it was a bastard version. Kind of took me by surprise!