Friday, August 15, 2008

Kansas City's Antiques & Collectibles Show

I think I mentioned that I hadn't been to any antique shows or flea markets lately ~ coming on August 23 though is KC's Antiques and Collectibles Show ~ something to look forward to as the last one was in early spring. Below are a few images from previous shows.....

{nice selection of vintage German and French games}

I'm not a big doll fan, but there is something about the way these dolls' faces are painted that I find mesmerizing ~ except for the scary blond bride ~ yikes! For those of you who are big doll fans, this month, in addition to the show mentioned above, the 29th Annual Fall KC Toy & Doll Show will be held at the same time and venue.

I have to give the soldier doll display below the prize for being the oddest I've seen ~ although who am I to say that army soldiers in paper lunch bags gathered together in a kid's red wagon isn't the best way to market dolls for boys? It did catch my eye although I did not buy!

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