Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful Homes ~ Antique Book

I have managed to amass a rather large collection of antique books since I started going to flea markets and antique shows. Most of the books I have aren't in the greatest of shape, but I am interested in the content and/or the illustrations so I'd rather spend less money and get a not so perfect copy. From time to time, I thought I'd share a book from my collection.

Beautiful Homes by Frank J. Scott is an antique book I found at a flea market in the last year or two. The copyright is 1886 and covers plans for residences and their grounds, trees and shrubs, and garden embellishment ~ it includes over 200 plates and engravings. Although there are no color plates, the black/white images are lovely ~ illustrated homes and grounds, landscaping and even plans. I've included a few images below.

{front cover}

{title page illustration}

{pretty end papers and spread with garden ideas}

{residence and grounds plans}

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Carole said...

Hi Julie- cool book! Perhaps you could make a couple of photocopies and leave them around at some people's ugly houses?! In fact, can I order a page or two?...there are some people in my neighborhood who could use some guidance!