Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lovely Stores ~ Anthropologie

Another of my favorite stores to visit is Anthropologie ~ I'm sure almost everyone has either visited an Anthropologie or is at least familiar with their catalog. What you might not know though, is that each store is designed according to the space it occupies. Usually a vacant building is refurbished according to the Anthropologie aesthetic, utilizing and adding to already existing elements ~ creating a unique shopping experience at each store. So although I can shop at my local Anthropologie anytime, I still think it is worth visiting their stores in other cities because the shopping experience and the displays are always unique. Below are photos from the Anthropologie in Soho this spring.

{wonderful window displays ~ bug themed cut paper patterns}

{more paper cut creations throughout the store}

{chandelier made of folded book pages}

{clever use of screen as a sculptural material}

{great cabinet ~ love the mix of greenery!}

{unique way to display a variety of knobs}

{my favorite ~ gorgeous felt flower bench}


secretleaves said...

Hi Julie. If you are attracted to the bug cutouts in the Anthropologie window, you must check out this artist's work:

It is incredible and beautiful. I saw the Locusts and Honey exhibition listed at the above link. Stunning.


Julie said...

Thanks for the link Sharon! I think I have seen an earlier exhibit of this artist online - A Terrible Beauty. Looks like a wonderful site to explore - thanks so much for sharing!