Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool Collections ~ Cigarette Cards

Every now and then I find myself on ebay bidding for cigarette cards ~ collectible cards on a wide variety of subjects that were packaged with cigarettes in Great Britain. I rarely find these at any flea markets or antique sales in the states ~ when I do, they are very expensive and are not usually a full set. I have a small collection of sets I have won on ebay ~ two of which I have shown below ~ these sets are pasted into paper booklets made for the collector ~ for some reason these were not as expensive as the sets that are just loose cards. I really love the older cards ~ the printing and graphics are beautiful and the subject matter is always fascinating ~ I will share more sets in a later post ~ for now, cycling and flags issued by John Player & Sons......

{cover shows a rather buxom bicycler!}

{spreads from the completed booklet}

{single cards}

{cover of the flags booklet}

{all of above from my personal collection}

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