Monday, June 2, 2008

Obsession #4 ~ Craft Books

{Japanese craft book on buttons}
ISBN 4579110633

Another thing I just can't resist are craft books! Lately I have gotten some beautiful Japanese books on different crafts ~ the one above, obviously on buttons. I wish I was able to read Japanese so I could learn everything the book has to offer, but even so, the diagrams and pictorial directions are clear enough that most things aren't too difficult to figure out.

I got this book at a wonderful bookstore in NYC called Kinokuniya ~ it looks like you can order books online ~ type in the ISBN number in the search area and the book should come up. I have bought a few of these on ebay and etsy, but the other large chain bookstores don't carry any at all. Crafting Japanese is a great resource for looking at Japanese craft books as well.

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