Sunday, June 1, 2008

Multiple Choice ~ From Sample to Product

{English, 18th century, printed cotton swatches}

{French, 18th century, buttons}

{French or Swiss, late 19th century, machine lace}

{English, 19th century printed cotton}

{Wiener Werkstatte, 20th century, printed cotton pattern}

Wow, this looks like a great show ~ I am sorry I didn't catch it when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago! Over the years I have seen sample books now and then ~ at libraries or at antique shows ~ I don't come upon them very often ~ if I do they are usually out of my price range. There is just so much I find fascinating about these books ~ the layout of the pages ~ the actual samples ~ the labels and ways of numbering ~ oftentimes, the handwritten notes ~ the glimpse into history and what a designer would have had to pick from. I love the fact that all of this is wrapped up in one book! I have managed to snatch up a couple ~ just not as impressive as the ones in this exhibit ~ I'll have to dig them up and post them in a "Fabulous Finds" when I have a chance.

I've shown a few of my favorites above ~ make sure to visit their site where you can see much more. Multiple Choice ~ From Sample to Product is on exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum until September 1, 2008, so there is still a little time left.

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