Friday, June 20, 2008

Japanese Craft Book ~ Sock & Glove Animals

{ Sock & Glove Animals ~ ISBN4-579-11061-7}

It's been kind of busy in my neck of the woods lately so no time to take any photos! In the mean time I thought I would post about this great Japanese craft book I bought last year. I love the simplicity of the photographs and the animals ~ even though they are simply made they have such personality! I decided these would be a good project to do when my nieces and nephew came to visit last summer ~ I let them all look through the book and choose which animal they wanted to make and then purchased the necessary supplies. Below you can see the basics needed ~ there are clear directions for each animal as well ~ even though the book is written in Japanese, we had no problem figuring things out.

{ easy pictorial instructions for the dog}

{Simple variations make so many different characters!}

{the full range of creatures all made from socks and gloves!}

Above are the finished animals we made ~ my sister in law made the traditional sock monkey, my 11 year old nephew made the black and blue muscle bound monkey, my 9 year old niece made the pretty dog with the pearl on her collar, my 5 year old niece made the happy dog with the pink tongue. My creations are not finished yet ~ I blame that on the fact that the project was a bit more challenging than I expected and I had to help the others quite a bit so they could all take their projects home with them. Of course, this was months ago, so what is my excuse now??!!

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