Friday, June 20, 2008

Antiques on the Common ~ #1

{All gussied up and nowhere to go}

{good & evil}
These squirrels remind me of one of my favorite childhood books, Miss Suzy

{great paperboard hat and patterned boxes}

{evil ~ or at least constipated doll}

{tiny paintings with handmade tin frames}

Although I mentioned that I am going to the Crown Center Antique show tomorrow, here are photos from the Antiques on the Common show from this past autumn ~ I know, that was eons ago, but I am playing catchup ~ I have been taking photos for quite awhile to use on my blog, but it took me a bit to get started! I will post a second set of photos from the spring Antiques on the Common which happened May 24 ~ not too long ago.

As you can see, the show this fall was great ~ beautiful weather and lots of wonderful sights to see. I always love going to this show as it is only a short drive and it is out in the country under tents ~ depending on the weather it can be quite an adventure! This is one of the best shows for primitive furniture and primitives in general ~ high quality and unusual items ~ not a huge show, but always a relaxing day away.

After the show, since we are already in the area, it would be stupid not to stop at the rest of the antique shops in Greenwood: Greenwood Mercantile, and Greenwood Antique Mall are two that have websites. You might as well make it a day ~ you never know what you might find!

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